About Harriet Johnson

Voice Specialist & Choral Conductor

Born in Staffordshire, Harriet was brought up in a highly musical family thus fuelling her great passion for music. She began singing at a very early age and has always sung with many choirs including the English Concert Singers. It is through her choral training that she has developed as a concert singer, performing in choirs and as a soloist at venues all across the country including The Royal Albert Hall, The Royal Festival Hall, Symphony Hall and National Indoor Arena.

In recent years Harriet has taken a special interest in anatomy and physiology of the voice and is a prime advocator of vocal health and safe singing. She continues her own development as a singer and singing teacher in London, where she has the privilege of training under some of the best voice specialists in the world.

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Vocal Coaching

Improve Your Singing Technique & Performance

The voice is the most accessible musical instrument and yet perhaps the most personal. It is with the latter in mind that Harriet offers singing lessons to all ages and abilities with a sensitive approach.

Should you be wanting to discover your voice, develop your confidence, extend your range or enhance your repertoire, lessons will be modified to your personal requirements.

During lessons, students will have access to an extensive range of repertoire (including classical, musical theatre and pop) allowing individuals to discover songs that best suit their voice.



Harriet is the artistic director for Stone Choral Society, Staffordshire and an associate director for The University of Sheffield Singers’ Society.

Her role as a choral director has led to her working a number of exciting projects for TV and Radio including the BBC and ITV. On such projects she works as a director, vocal coach and music advisor.



Want to arrange a singing workshop?

Whether you are a community group, school, Theatre Company, an existing choir or even a group of friends, singing workshops are a great way to explore singing in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Workshops are tailor-made to suit the needs of the group.


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